4 Months

It’s amazing how far we’ve come.

One year ago we were going through IVF and waiting to hear from our Embryologists about how our twenty baby eggs were growing.

Now we have a beautiful, smart, kind, incredible 4 month old.

We had Cooper’s 4 month appointment with his pediatrician. He also got some shots.

His measurements all looked great. Most people don’t know that kids with Achondroplasia have their very own growth chart. Because of the differences in growth an average height growth chart does not give accuarate information for children with dwarfism. At his 2 month appointment Cooper’s pediatrician didn’t have the Achondroplasia growth chart ready but said he would have it ready by our 4 month appointment. So it was so great to have them this time!

Cooper’s height is right on the 50th percentile line. He is now 22.5 inches. On the AH (average height) chart that puts him below the 5th percentile.

For weight he is slightly above average at 12 lbs 12 oz. Around the 60th percentile (suprise suprise). We love our chunky little man. On the AH chart he is below the 5th percentile.

On the weight verses height chart he is right on the 50th percentile line. It’s nice to know he is developing normally and is a healthy boy. 

Coops head circumference was also right on the 50th percentile. At 17.75 inches he is above the 95th percentile on the AH chart.  We were slightly worried because his head has seemed to grow since surgery.

Here are Coop’s measurements that they gave us based on the AH growth chart.

Dr. Loftus said Cooper is developing great and is right on track. His head control is coming along and he still needs a lot of focus on tummy time.

Because of his breathing we may need to see an ENT in the future to look into his nasal cavity obstruction. His breathing has improved since birth but he still seems to be a labored breather and is super noisy when he’s awake.

I also asked the doctor about his flat head. He said Cooper’s head was proportional in its flatness on both sides so he wasn’t concerned about Coop favoring one side. He said until Cooper can sit up and spend more time off of his back, he doesn’t anticipate there is anything we can do for his head. If it gets worse by his 6 month appointment we may see a plastic surgeon to discuss helmet options.

Dr. Loftus also advised that Cooper should wait until around 6 months to introduce him to foods. Because he can’t sit up that will really limit what and how he can eat. So for now getting him ready to start cereal by 6 months is moms goal. He has started really watching us when he eats and is also starting to put everything in his mouth.

Our tough boy handled his shots like a champ and only fused for a minute. The poor kid is really getting used to doctor appointments and he is such a trooper!

It’s been the best 4 months of our lives. I saw a quote that really summed up my feelings…

Happy 4 months Cooper!


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