6 Months

This week we had Cooper’s 6 month appointments with his Pediatrician and Geneticist. Both appointments went great! Coop has been developing so much lately and it has been so fun to watch his cute personality begin to show.

Cooper’s weight was 13 lbs 9 oz. He is just above the 25th percentile on the achondroplasia growth chart. On the AH (average height) chart he is believe the 2nd percentile.

Cooper is 24 1/2 inches long. We were thrilled that he is now in the 75th percentile for height. His legs have been growing lots lately and he can now wear pants!

His measurements for Height vs Weight is now just below the 25th percentile because of his decrease in weight and jump in height.

Cooper’s head circumference stayed right at the 50th percentile. His head is 18 1/2 inches. That was his one measurement that stayed the same. We were pretty worried about his head size since his decompression surgery 3 months ago. His soft spot is raised but still soft. The doctors were a little worried about this, but because his head size has stayed relative and he shows no other symptoms, they said we don’t need to worry. He is scheduled to have a repeat MRI in August so we will be able to get answers after that test.

Here are Cooper’s measurements in relation to the AH growth chart. He seems so normal to us for his age, but it’s crazy to see his measurements below the 2nd percentile and his head above the 98th percentile.

Dr. Loftus told us it’s time to start Cooper on food. He does great with rice cereal in his bottle, but struggles using a spoon. So now we will start working with getting him used to spoon feeding and tasting new foods. We have started with bananas and he doesn’t seem to mind the taste, but he seems really confused whenever something besides a bottle is put into his mouth.

Coop has some teeth trying their best to pop through. They are right there and you can see and feel them, but they haven’t quite surfaced yet.

Cooper is rolling all over. He can now roll both directions and is sleeping on his tummy. He doesn’t mind tummy time at all now because he will just flip himself over to his back. He also loves getting his back tickled. He has gotten so strong in the past month and his head control has improved significantly.

Both Dr. Loftus and Dr. Carey were a little concerned about his flat head. His head flatness has improved a little since he’s began sleeping on his tummy, but they suggested we go see a plastic surgeon to talk about getting him a helmet. So we will see what happens with that. They weren’t 100% sure he actually needs one because he is symmetrical from the front and has no facial deformations from his flat spots.

Cooper is such a bundle of joy. He is so smiley and laughs all the time. He loves to play peek-a-boo and says “hey” and “hi.” We just love him to death and are so impressed with his progress.

It’s hard to believe in another 6 months he will be a year old! Where has the time gone? This has been the best 6 months every! We love our Cooper Star!


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