MRI #3

This week Cooper had MRI #3. After his last MRI Dr. Bollo (our Neurosurgeon) was unhappy with the amount of compression Cooper still had after his last surgery. So he wanted to get a repeat MRI just prior to setting up surgery for a repeat Decompression Surgery.

Coop was pretty unhappy going into the MRI because he was so hungry from having to fast all night.

 This was Coop begging for food. I felt so bad he just kept eating his hands and getting frustrated when we wouldn’t give him a bottle. But it’s adorable to watch him sign “more” to tell us he wants some food.

 The past times when Cooper has woken up from anesthesia he has been super fussy. He is usually scared until he sees a familiar face and then he starts crying even more to tell us he is hurting or hungry. Once he gets to eat he calms right down and he is great.

This time when the nurse called me back to recovery she told me how adorable Cooper was and that he was so happy and was making all the nurses laugh. I didn’t believe her, but when I saw him I was shocked. He was making “ohh” and
“aww” sounds at all the bright lights. He kept laughing when any of the nurses would talk to him and he was being adorable. When he finally noticed me he gave me a huge smile and the “where is my bottle” look. We got him some apple juice and he was in heaven.


This anesthesia experience was so different from the past experiences I even asked the nurses what drugs they gave him so we can make sure they are on file for when he has surgery. They told me he was give laughing gas prior to being put to sleep, and then he was also given Propanol when he was waking up. He did so great on both of those drugs.

The rest of the day he was giddy, so happy and full of energy. He didn’t even take a nap the rest of the day and played the day away until we put him to bed around 8:30pm.

I’m so grateful for a stress-less day and a happy boy!


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