Dwarfism Awareness 2015

October is Dwarfism Awareness Month. When Cooper was first diagnosed with Achondroplasia at 28 weeks in-utero, it was very hard for us find out any information about the condition. Doctor’s would really only give us the worst case scenarios and just told us we would have to wait until after Cooper was born to know anything more. This was so frustrating as soon-to-be-mom who had just been told they didn’t know if her baby would survive after birth…

Well then October came, and we quickly found the hashtag #dwarfismawareness. From there I started reaching out to other mom’s online who had been through my exact situation and gave us so much helpful advice. They would post information all about dwarfism during the entire month of October and by the time Cooper was born on November 5th, I had learned so much about Achondroplasia. I can’t even tell you how thankful I am that these mom’s posted that information just for me. They not only saved my sanity, but gave me so much hope.

So this October, I felt I owed it to everyone else to share all of the things we have learned throughout this past year. Dwarfism awareness needs to be spread, and I feel like as a POLP (parent of a Little Person) I am the one who needs to share these things.

So I tried my best to post everything I knew and had learned about Dwarfism. I received so much positive feedback and kind comments from complete strangers saying thank you and telling me how much they had learned from my posts. So I plan to make it a yearly event though the month of October.

It has also been amazing the number of new mom’s who have reached out to me who were in my same situation trying to find out more about Dwarfism. So even though there is still so much I don’t know, I am so happy to help others learn with us along this crazy journey.

Here is a compilation of all of my October Dwarfism Awareness Posts-

 Dwarfism Awareness 2015



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