Joe Gnoffo

My husband Tommy is a passionate music fan. When we found out Cooper would have dwarfism Tommy looked all over the internet for Little People who are musicians. One of the  first Tommy came across was Joe Gnoffo. Joe’s an actor, (Mirror Mirror 2012, Bench Warmers 2006, Equal Opportunity 2007) He’s also on a reality show with his wife and daughter Penny “Terra’s Little Family” on the lifetime network. But most importantly to my husband, Joe plays drums in a well known Nirvana cover band in Southern California called “Nirvanish.”

Joe and Tommy exchanged a few messages on Facebook discussing rock and roll and playing drums. We discovered we’d all be at a regional LPA Confrence in Vegas and we were looking forward to meeting them and getting Cooper and their daughter Penny together.

In Vegas Tommy asked Joe if he’s seen any “rig rundown” or “Drumset demo” videos where well know musicians or their techs give a tour/explanation of what gear they use on stage. Tommy told Joe it’d be so cool if he did one. Not only to showcase his band drums but also for Joe to talk about how as a little person he’s been able to modify his drums and some of the challenges he’s dealt with playing in a successful band. Tommy had zero video or editing experience but felt that this video needed to be made. Joe said “Let’s do it” and Tommy and his buddy Zac Smith drove down to LA to see Joe’s band play where he filmed them and interviewed Joe about his drum set.

I think Tommy did a great job, especially with zero experience. Here are a couple videos Tommy’s produced so far with the footage he got. Take a look.

Drum set demo:

Joe taking the stage:



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