– T H R E E Y E A R S O L D –


I apologize in advance at being TERRIBLE at updates. My last post was over a year ago…. so let me update you on what’s going on!

Cooper is a brother! Surprise!


Hank was born 12/6/16. I was unbelievable sick with his pregnancy and I blame him for my lack of posting. So now I find myself mom of 2, and any extra time I’m getting I take a nap. So sorry, not sorry.


Tommy & I have also decided to go our separate ways and are in the divorce process, so that brings it’s own set of complications and reasons for no blogging.


 So if you notice I seem like a single mom, that’s because I am. Just to clear that up and get it out of the way.

Cooper turns 3 tomorrow.


I can hardly even put into words how that sentence makes me feel. I’m overwhelmed and so proud of him. He’s smart, amazing, funny, darling, & just feel so lucky to be him mom. I hate to see him grow, but I love watching him. He’ll always be my baby, but I guess it’s time to start treating him like the boy he is.

Happy Birthday Cooper! You are LOVED!!





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