IMG_1128We had to wait a few months for an opening at the University of Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine. Which was fine because we wanted to see the best of the best. This also gave me a few months to track my cycles throughly again to be able to give the doctors the most accurate information. Our first appointment was basically an in-depth get to know you and medical history. They ordered so many tests and scans and wanted to know both of our backgrounds before we even moved forward. This involved lots of blood work basically every day throughout an entire cycle, semen analysis, ultrasounds, hysterosalpingograms, and much much more. They also wanted us to compete genetic testing prior to infertility treatments. Once we had been “approved” and deemed as suitable to produce a child, we were able to start coming up with a plan. This process took a few months to get results back. Then the infertility doctors meet as a group to discuss each and every infertility case individually to make a plan that each of the doctors feel comfortable with. I loved that this was a IMG_1129concern of the fertility clinic. I loved that they took the act of playing God, in a way, very seriously and would only do so with a proper environment, but at the same time I was so irritated that we had wasted months just running tests. We had met with the doctors so many times telling them our concerns and rush to start our family, and we still hadn’t even heard anything about what they even thought about our chances of even conceiving.

We finally received news that the doctors had discussed our case and were ready to move forward with treatments. We set up our appointment to begin the process. The doctors approved our genetic test. The chances of us having any genetic problems were completely normal and not a concern. My cycles were completely normal. My husbands sperm count was normal. They felt that we had very good chances of conceiving. They wanted to start out with artificial insemination (IUI). We would try at least 5 of these before jumping to in-vitro (IVF) in the chance that we still didn’t conceive.


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