Intrauterine Insemination

Follicle Ultrasound

Our genetic tests came back completely normal. No signs of potential genetic problems. We were given the clear to “play God” and start fertility treatments.

We now had a plan. We were so excited. But now the real waiting game only began. We had to wait until the beginning of a whole new cycle. We had to rearrange our lives to schedule our appointments on certain days for ultrasounds. I went in for our first ultrasound to get the go ahead to start medication, and we received devastating news. Cysts. I had a large cyst on one of my ovaries. They basically said “sorry, we will see you next month.” I was so mad. I was so tired of waiting. I had told them I had had cysts in the past and they had seem them in few of the ultrasounds I had previously had, and all they had said was they were completely normal. Well if it stalls fertility treatments it’s obviously not normal. So we waited another month, and finally were able to begin. The process of an IUI basically involves an ultrasound right after your cycle begins. From there the doctor prescribes the amount of medication they feel you need to produce multiple eggs in one cycle to make you as fertile as possible, but also not too fertile because they do not want multiple pregnancies because it increases risks. They do several ultrasounds throughout the month to make sure things are developing properly. Then right before ovulation, the husband gives a semen sample at the clinic that is spun and processed to produce only the most viable and prime sperm to use for the insemination. 24 hours before the IUI a trigger shot is given to make sure ovulation occurs at the exact moment of the insemination. Our first IUI happened to fall on a Saturday morning. It was so strange to be at a doctors office on a Saturday morning, when every other office is closed. I thought we would be the only ones there, but to my surprise there were several other anxious couples there too, in the exact same situation as us. So we got there, Tommy did his part of the IUI, then we had to wait about an hour while they spun the sample. So we went to breakfast, and then returned for the procedure. They hand you your sample- which is basically a syringe with the sample in it placed inside a cooler. So you just sit in the waiting room with your cooler on your lap, waiting for them to call you name. It was finally our turn, they took us into the same ultrasound rooms. The nurse comes in, places the sample, and then they make you lay still with your legs raised for 30 minutes. Then after your 30 minutes you get up, get dressed, and go home. So simple.

We went though 4 IUI’s with unsuccessful results over about a 6 month period, some months we had to skip over because of cysts and other issues.

Next and final step: IVF.


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