Where It All Began

Tommy & I 40167_577983165231_3843716_nwere married in 2010. We had always wanted children, but we had a rule that we wanted to be married at least a year before we had kids. I went on birth control before our wedding, and began having health problems associated with it about 6 months into our marriage. I opted to have the birth control removed, and if we did happen to get pregnant then we would at least be married a year before the baby came.

I was almost shocked when we didn’t “accidentally” get pregnant after we celebrated our 1 year anniversary. After that I began tracking ovulation dates and paying close attention to my cycles. Everything was completely normal, but still no pregnancy. I finally resulted to buying expensive ovulation kits to make sure we were timing things right. After a few months of negative ovulation tests, I quickly realized I was not ovulating.  I quickly scheduled an appointment with my doctor. He ran several blood tests, and those can back abnormal. My prolactin levels were extremely high, and he immediately ordered a brain MRI and scheduled me an appointment with a neurosurgeon and an endocrinologist. IMG_4599What they discovered was a pituitary tumor that was supposedly the reason I was not able to get pregnant. There were 3 options: surgery to remove it (a pretty invasive procedure), medication to shrink it (not recommended because I have type 1 diabetes and it would make my sugar levels crazy), or just to watch it until I started having visible symptoms. Because the doctors had just barely discovered the tumor, they wanted to just watch it for 6 months and then get a repeat MRI. This would give them an idea of how fast it was growing and possibly when it developed. This was very difficult for me. We had spent the last year of our lives trying to have a baby, then we found the reason, and now they just wanted to wait and watch it. This was the longest 6 moths! Anticipating brain surgery, hoping for the best, not even knowing what to expect, and just still hoping to one day be able to start our family. The doctors had warned us we were NOT to get pregnant within this 6 month period, and we were basically like “well if we even could we wouldn’t be here.”

We made it through those long 6 months and we were very anxious to get the MRI results back. We met with the neurosurgeon basically expecting to schedule surgery to remove the tumor ASAP so that we could try to have a baby. The doctor said that the tumor looked fine and we were in the clear to see infertility specialists. This was great news, but at the same time I was so unbelievably frustrated that the doctor just said things were fine. They were NOT fine to me. I had put my life on hold and had worried about the future basically everyday for the last 6 months. And he just said things were fine. No big deal. On our way home from the doctor appointment, after a good cry, we set up an appointment with the University of Utah Reproductive Center.


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